Welcome to my blog! “The Making Of Her”.  My name is Juvin. I am a full time working, single mum to a funny fella. This blog is my happy place, because I secretly love sharing my opinions and experiences. The Making Of Her is the series dedicated to black women paving the way for the rest of us. I am a big believer in the importance of mentorship!

Share what you read, comment and share your views with me. I publicly write because I want to learn and listen to others views.

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Why I am going on a dating “Hiatus”

When Beyonce sings ‘all the single ladies’ I always seem to identify, even in the (rare) instances when I’d been “dating” a guy. Because let’s face it; I am single until proven otherwise (put the ring on it). In recent years I’ve noticed my priorities shift from wanting a tall, dark haired, good lips, abs … Continue reading Why I am going on a dating “Hiatus”

How to rock your first day at a new job!

We are in the same boat! As I write this post I have just completed my first week at my new job. With my previous role being in a small firm of under 50 people to now a global company of over 50,000 employees; you can probably understand the pressure I feel to be ‘perfect’. … Continue reading How to rock your first day at a new job!

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