I have a new job!

How I landed a role at a top firm?!…

Well the first step is to want it! This might sound very cliché but that’s just what I did first. You have to first develop a strong desire for something before you can have it.

Visualise it! I saw myself getting through every difficult interview questions, looking my potential employers straight in the eyes with confidence in my abilities. I saw myself speaking to them about why they need to hire me, I believe I have what it takes to the job and I visualised myself being successful in the role, getting promoted etc. That is how I create a burning desire! I burned all the bridges and made getting that job the only option.

Research and practice! We all know that saying “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Something to live by. I researched the company extensively (that’s how I could see myself working there and doing well). In addition to that, it was really helpful to practice answers to some of the questions they asked me, just for the sake of feeling prepared.

Dress for your future job! That’s better than the usual “dress to impress”. First impressions count and will always count. Don’t turn up to a job interview with bad make up or plenty of make up (you know the drill), don’t dress ready for a date night or a restaurant.  Go in there looking like you can “handle it” dress like “a boss”.

Speak clearly, be confident and remain calm. I.e. make eye contact, answer questions, be yourself (your best self), smile and sell yourself. They need you as much as you need them.

I got a job offer a few days ago after three interviews.

I wish you the best of luck if you are looking for a new role.




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