Dealing with heartbreak…at work!

I must admit, I’ve had my heart broken more times that I’ve stepped on my son’s Lego. I will choose the Lego every time. For obvious reasons!

Just recently, I remember seating on a bench at a park close to my last work place, during lunch break. I watched as people walked their dogs, looking happy and content with their lives, some holding hands with the love of their life or their gardeners I don’t know. But I remember bursting into tears, covering my mouth, gasping for breath and feeling sorry for myself. I had broken up with a man I thought was the love of my life. He was (almost) everything I wanted in a man, but it didn’t go as planned. I had our life all planned out in my head. The Range Rover, me at the wheel, three kids at the back, him looking lovingly at me, my diamond ring and blah blah blah.

But we crashed! And I still had Monday to face in the office, phone calls to make, clients to meet and colleagues to be civil with. It was so damn difficult to raise a smile. So I popped into the loo every chance I had to have a little cry. That week seemed like the longest in the universe. I hated everyone and everything. I was mediocre at my job.

But since you’re being paid to work efficiently regardless of whether your dog died or your other half just shut the door on your fantasies…How do you cope with being heartbroken at work?


  • Take it out on your colleagues: yes! even if the heart-breaker is the colleague. You’re going to have to handle this one like a champ! It won’t help you or your reputation at work if you start to snap at colleagues or even worse..clients!
  • Tell everyone: I know you want to break down and cry, you want someone to understand your pain and maybe give you a hug or just to tell you that he/she did not deserve you anyway. But trust me on this one! Shut Up about it! (a bit rude?). If you have a close friend at work, then maybe. But still wait until after work.
  • Let it affect your work: Funny I say that, I am guilty of this-but I’ve learned my lesson. They are not worth it. And as a matter of fact-focusing on your work will help get the heartache out of your brain (well until you get home and the bed still has his name on know what I mean!?).


  • Cry: If you too have a park next to your work place, then why not cry a little during your lunch break? What’s wrong with that huh?! If it helps go for it. Just try to be discreet.
  • Speak to your loved ones: Especially to mum. Mum’s always have the right words. Go out and meet new people. Some of us don’t have friends, hopefully you have a dog or a cat or a pig? Whatever! Speak to someone or something. Talking does a great deal of help in these unwanted situations. Vent, cry, shout, break stuff (hopefully nothing you actually like)
  • Be kind to yourself: The bottom line is that you’re human after all. Even if you were ‘the global head of the world United’, you are still human. You have a heart, feelings (hopefully), and its completely fine to have some off days. You shouldn’t be expected by yourself or anybody to be on one hundred 365 days in a year. Honestly, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, and how much you can handle. This article is just to say that at the end of the day, life sucks sometimes, but unfortunately we have to learn to ‘look’ like we are handling it when in a professional environment.


Please add some of your advice here, and share some of the heart breaks you had to handle at work and how did you do it?

Merci beaucouop




4 thoughts on “Dealing with heartbreak…at work!

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
    I think you understand the best way to cope with broken heart at work.
    Sometimes if you are really down, it is better to call sick and take few days or a day off just the time to calm down.


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