The Making Of Her: Bianca Miller Cole

There are lots of women I look up to and Bianca Miller Cole is one I highly rate; reason why when I thought of how to introduce this series she was one of the first to come to mind. She is the first to feature in the series of profiles I’ll be writing in “The Making Of Her”. I believe in the importance of having role models, people we look up to for inspiration and some sort of guidance or example to follow.

Bianca Miller Cole

Bianca is the ambitious, feisty and hard working young woman, who many of us may have first ‘discovered’ in series 10 of “The Apprentice” back in 2014. I was mesmerised by her strength and tenacity. She came across as such a driven, strong and emotionally intelligent woman. She was incredibly impressive.

Bianca completed a business management and economics degree. After university, she joined Accenture’s graduate programme and was offered a permanent role six months after as HR advisor. One must be extremely hardworking to achieve such a thing! Drawing from her experiences at the firm and a stint in recruitment, in 2012, Bianca launched her first business at the age of 23. ‘The Be Group’ is a personal development services business, offering personal branding, employability, and image consultancy. Only a year after the launch, the business was named as one of the Startups 100 businesses of 2013.


She reached the final of The Apprentice and was a strong runner up.

Fast forward to 2017, the brand Bianca Miller continues to grow, with the launch of her hosiery business. Through the Bianca Miller London brand, Bianca has been able to redefine nude hosiery, and made it accessible for women of all complexions. She is showing no sign of slowing down, recently adding nail varnish to her brand. She regularly speaks at key industry events, and she might not be aware of the number of young women like myself who look up to her and follow her journey with much enthusiasm.

All the best Bianca!

Bianca Miller London is stocked in Topshop UK


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