Samsung has a point and you know it!

The big cities have been marketing themselves as the places to be since before most of us were born. I learned of how cool New York city was from watching “Sex and the City” and how amazing was the view in that scene in Paris?! How many of us wished we could live in that city? As for London, well we have the queen, the amazing Big Ben, Buckingham palace and the guards who don’t blink…or breath.


Guards in London.

However, living in this city is totally different from visiting for a few days. The costs of transport will not be so shocking and depressing if you were here for a few days only. The cost of your hotel is high but not as much as many would pay if they live close a park with a few birds or a school that’s actually doing what it should be doing…teach well! Or if you wanted an apartment a little closer to the city so you can reduce your £10000+ a year travel bill. Yes!! London is a freaking expensive place to live and every minute I breath I seem to be paying for it. A simple water bill will explain why people here can spare a few days without a bath…just in case you wondered why people smell so much on the trains?! Sorry!

When we watch London in movies, we all wish to also be sleeping with James Bond or take the double decker bus, or make a phone call from the phone booth. That will cost a lot after a while and if we had someone like James Bond you won’t meet him because you might never afford the sort of restaurants he eats girl. Yes!!! London is no fun if you aren’t making money as you sleep.

James Bond in all his glory

Samsung bosses would be making the wrong decision by their employees if they decided to set up in London. They would have to increase salaries to make them happy and that still wouldn’t be enough. Because every morning they would squeeze on trains, which they would have had to wait a long time for due to signal failure in Earl’s Court! Sight! They will spend ridiculous amount on a a few leaves of salads topped with humous for lunch, and avoid drinks after work, because it isn’t cheap to be an alcoholic in this city.

If you have kids in this city, you may sometimes be tempted to put them up on the London Stock exchange, they are that expensive. But because they are usually the only reason you keep working so hard, you get up again and again and hope that the rest of what you make after the government takes what they need to fund their egos, would be enough to take the kids for a Happy Meal. Because for the kids to have a fulfilling day, you will need to have a lot of money when you live in London with kids (to be fair we have free museums that are supposed to be fun).

London has lots of fun things to do if you have the money to do them and it has the best night life!

They seem to be having fun!

Thought I’d end on a positive note

Love always




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