Samsung has a point and you know it!

The big cities have been marketing themselves as the places to be since before most of us were born. I learned of how cool New York city was from watching "Sex and the City" and how amazing was the view in that scene in Paris?! How many of us wished we could live in that … Continue reading Samsung has a point and you know it!

Women: Is success a failure?

How about I start by saying that I am not a feminist, I just 'root' for women. Feminism has an 'ism' at the end. Everything with an 'ism' tends to have a resounding 'negative' on my brain. So I will not be joining the "I don't need a man" club any day soon. What I … Continue reading Women: Is success a failure?

Why I am going on a dating “Hiatus”

When Beyonce sings 'all the single ladies' I always seem to identify, even in the (rare) instances when I'd been "dating" a guy. Because let's face it; I am single until proven otherwise (put the ring on it). In recent years I've noticed my priorities shift from wanting a tall, dark haired, good lips, abs … Continue reading Why I am going on a dating “Hiatus”

How to rock your first day at a new job!

We are in the same boat! As I write this post I have just completed my first week at my new job. With my previous role being in a small firm of under 50 people to now a global company of over 50,000 employees; you can probably understand the pressure I feel to be 'perfect'. … Continue reading How to rock your first day at a new job!

The Making Of Her: Bianca Miller Cole

There are lots of women I look up to and Bianca Miller Cole is one I highly rate; reason why when I thought of how to introduce this series she was one of the first to come to mind. She is the first to feature in the series of profiles I'll be writing in "The … Continue reading The Making Of Her: Bianca Miller Cole

Dealing with heartbreak…at work!

I must admit, I've had my heart broken more times that I've stepped on my son's Lego. I will choose the Lego every time. For obvious reasons! Just recently, I remember seating on a bench at a park close to my last work place, during lunch break. I watched as people walked their dogs, looking … Continue reading Dealing with heartbreak…at work!